Field of application: Aerospace

For the aerospace industry, we offer customized solutions for the production of small and micro metal parts with sinter-based additive manufacturing. Numerous industry applications have special requirements that are difficult to implement using conventional manufacturing methods. Additive processes are convincing in that new designs can be produced and tested quickly and can thus be tailored directly to the requirements of a project. In addition, additive processes enable cost reduction and material efficiency. We are proud to have produced various applications in the aerospace industry. Additionally, we are a member of ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since 2023. More information about our membership can be found in our press area.

MetShape sets new standards for the manufacture of small and micro-precision parts

We manufacture your application with outstanding surface quality.

The limited use of additive manufacturing in aerospace to date is primarily due to poor surface quality. Our sinter-based additive manufacturing technology is designed to produce components with exceptional surface quality. Our parts achieve Ra of up to 2µm without post-processing. With our finishing services, we can significantly improve the surface quality even further and achieve an Ra of 1µm.


We offer innovative manufacturing solutions for high-precision micro applications.

Our innovative 3D printing technologies are especially suitable for small and micro metal parts and enable highest precision and resolution. Our manufacturing processes make it possible to produce complex geometries and structures that are difficult or impossible to manufacture using conventional methods. Even applications with the smallest details like these grids with struts with a diameter of only 0.5 mm can be manufactured effortlessly. These components are currently on board of the ISS and form the basis for experiments that provide detailed insights into the effects of microgravity on the water-absorbing properties of grids.


We enable the production of components and structures with low weight

With our additive manufacturing process, we can produce complex parts with reduced weight, opening up new design possibilities for lighter components. Side effects such as material and cost savings are additional benefits.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by additive manufacturing and request your individual designs now as an initial prototype or request a free sample part to convince yourself of the potential of our manufacturing process.