Luxury & Jewellery

Field of application: Luxury & Jewellery

Additive manufacturing is not only suitable for the production of presentation models of a new design, but also for the actual production of earrings, rings, pendants, cufflinks, etc. With additive manufacturing the production of a new design can begin immediately after the design has been completed making it possible to react quickly to new trends. Printing jewellery and other luxury goods using CAD files proves to be extremely accurate in practice. Moreover, additive manufacturing positively influences the degree of complexity and individuality. The creative freedom of designers and customers is no longer limited, so unique pieces can be designed and/or customised.

MetShape is your partner for 3D printing custom jewellery and luxury goods.


Be creative without any limits in designs.

With our solutions, we can cost-efficiently produce individual pieces of jewellery without the need for time-consuming manual processes. If required, the polishing of the jewellery can also be requested after the production of the part, which means that you will have your perfect piece of jewellery ready in your hands within a short period of time. Take advantage of the new freedom offered by our innovative additive manufacturing services.



3D-printed jewellery with superior surface quality.

Our 3D printing technologies enable the production of jewellery and luxury goods with the highest precision and best surface quality. Test our services for your products now and see for yourself that our 3D printing results measure up to traditional manufacturing.



Benefit from fast, high-quality production.

MetShape offers fast, reliable and resource-efficient production of your jewellery pieces with high-quality 3D printing technology. Your products are manufactured with the highest quality and comparatively low costs, allowing you to economically realise your designs as a single piece or even in series. Contact us today for a customised quote for your jewellery and luxury goods.


Take advantage of the opportunities offered by additive manufacturing and request your individual designs now as an initial prototype or request a free sample part to convince yourself of the potential of our manufacturing process.