Customer experience: LMM-Technologie


>>I'm very happy with my selfmade 3D-printed watch; It really demonstrates the great potential that 3D printing has. Especially for individual, unique parts, high precision metal 3D printing like MetShape offers is the right way to go.<< Fabian Martin

We are pleased to hear that our customer is very satisfied with our services, and with the printed case of the customisable luxury watch. The watch will be 1 out of a run of only 10 pieces. The LMM-printed parts did not go through any post-processes, and with the fine tolerances involved in watchmaking, you can imagine how good the quality of LMM-printed parts is.

MetShape is able to produce several components of a watch such as the case, hands, and crown as well as other detail parts and helps you to transfer your customised designs into reality. If you are interested or would like more information about our offered services, feel free to contact us.

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