MetShape joins ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg

Revolutionizing small and micro metal parts for space

The European Space Agency (ESA) supports entrepreneurs and start-ups with a Europe-wide Business Incubator network. ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg is part of this network and is supporting several start-ups per year that are either pursuing innovative business ideas related to space technology or that have the potential to become a reliable supplier to the space industry. Selected start-ups not only receive financial funding but also benefit from the large ESA BIC start-up ecosystem and powerful network. This support enables start-ups to turn into successful businesses and realise their full potential.

MetShape joined ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg in January 2023 and its team is more than proud that they could convince the Tender Evaluation Board with their promising sinter-based additive manufacturing process that enables them to create superior small and micro metal parts with outstanding surface quality that are already demanded by different aerospace organizations. Currently, additive manufacturing technologies on the market face the challenge to provide high-precision micro parts with superior surfaces. MetShape’s unique know-how and capability of controlling its manufacturing process can solve this challenge and therefore the start-up could provide space organizations with high-quality metal parts. The received funding and additional benefits support MetShape in achieving its goal to become a key supplier for the space industry.

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