Recommendation of our customer Fabian Martin


>> I’m very enthusiastic about the services and quality of MetShape’s work. The LMM-printed parts of my luxury watch have turned out outstandingly well. They have a great surface quality without post processing and they fulfill all specifications in terms of precision, tolerances and material properties. Before I found MetShape, I wrestled with standard DMLS for over 9 months without getting any results close to LMM. A secondary benefit was that the price of complex LMM-parts is a lot cheaper than DMLS parts, and I received the parts from MetShape fast. I can only recommend MetShape as a competent service provider for small precision metal parts. << Fabian Martin

We are very grateful that our customers turn out excited by our services and the possibilities LMM offers. The differences Fabian achieved with LMM and DMLS you can see in the picture below.

If you also want to get your hands onto some LMM parts and convince yourself of their quality, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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