Add-On Services

In addition to the component production, we offer you interesting additional services for the priority production of your 3D printed components as well as customer-specific individual quality control. These services include a measurement protocol and the analysis of mechanical parameters.

Service portfolio

Measurement protocol

If you wish to check specific measurement parameters of your ordered 3D printed parts, you can add a measurement protocol to your order and receive all measurement details together with your parts.

Priority Production

If you need your components particularly quickly, we can offer priority production within 2 weeks, depending on capacity utilisation and order volume. Regular orders require 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the order volume.

CAD data check

To ensure that your CAD data does not contain any errors and is therefore not printable, we offer a CAD data check. We check the data for mesh errors and gross construction errors that mean that printing cannot be carried out.

3D Scans

For very precise checking of tolerances and comparison of the component with the CAD data, we offer a 3D scanning service. However, we only recommend this service for best effort prototypes or component studies.

In addition to the services described above, we also offer quality assurance services such as surface analyses, microstructure analysis, SEM analysis and the analysis of mechanical characteristic values. Please enquire about these services directly if required.