High-precision 3D printed prototypes of your small and micro metal parts

You have specific components or other applications for which sinter-based additive manufacturing could be an interesting option. As a 3D printing service provider for metal prototypes, we test the feasibility of your application with our additive manufacturing technologies and produce prototypes of your applications in the highest quality. In addition to prototyping, we also offer interesting additional services.

Service portfolio

  First Iteration Prototype Best Effort Prototype
Iterations 1 up to 3
Tolerances ±2 % (min. 0.1mm) ±0.5 % (min. 0.1mm)
optional services - Priority Production
- CAD Data check
- Measurement protocol
- Finishing
- Priority Production
- CAD Data check
- Measurement protocol
- Finishing
- 3D-Scans
suitable for - simple geometries
- Prototypes where accuracy is less critical
- Initial evaluation of the technology for an application
- Complex geometries
- Prototypes that are to be used functionally
- special requirements such as threads, very small bores, ...

First Iteration Prototype

Our First Iteration Prototype service includes an iteration for the production of the prototype. This allows us to evaluate the general feasibility of your application with sinter-based additive manufacturing and to identify opportunities and risks. To manufacture your component with one of our qualified materials, we only need CAD data with your component model.

Best Effort Prototype

Our Best Effort Prototype service offering includes multiple iterations to produce the prototype. This allows the precision and quality of the 3D printing application to be optimised through learning effects and process parameters to be optimally adapted to the production of your application.


We currently offer prototypes with the following materials:

Add Ons

In addition to prototype production, we offer interesting additional services for customised individual quality control. These services include, among other things, a measurement protocol and the analysis of mechanical parameters.