High-precision 3D printed prototypes of your small and micro metal parts

You have specific components or other applications for which sinter-based additive manufacturing could be an interesting option. As a 3D printing service provider for metal prototypes, we test the feasibility of your application with our additive manufacturing technologies and produce prototypes of your applications in the highest quality. In addition to prototyping, we also offer interesting additional services.

Service portfolio

  Look & Feel Part Functional Prototype
details Prototype as first sample or for general feasibility assessment. Prototype with 3D printing optimized design.
lot size max. 30 pcs (depending on component) max. 50 Stk. (depending on component)
design optimisation from MetShape no yes
process cycles 1 2
dimensional accuracy ISO 2768:1 m-c (geometry-dependent) ISO 2768:1 f-m (geometry-dependent)
measurement protocoll no as Add-On-Service
post-processing no on request
priority production as Add-On-Service as Add-On-Service
analyses no no
lead time 3 weeks from 4 weeks
building on - -
optional finishing (ggfs. Verlängerung der Lieferzeit) Surface finishing: electropolishing, sandblasting, glass-bead blasting, vibratory finishing, electroplating
Mechanical properties: hardening
Surface finishing: electropolishing, sandblasting, glass-bead blasting, vibratory finishing, electroplating
Mechanical properties: hardening

First Prototype

Your benefit
With this service, you receive a first prototype at low cost with short delivery time. This enables a quick initial assessment of the suitability of additive manufacturing for your application.

Our service
We produce your application according to your CAD design without production-related adjustments in a short time. You receive the result of the first production run, which usually shows further possible optimization potential that can be implemented in the subsequent service stage.


  • cost-effective prototype
  • short delivery time
  • fast initial evaluation of additive manufacturing opportunities


  • limited dimensional accuracy
  • assembly capability and functionality not guaranteed
  • design-changing distortions of the component possible
  • potentially not all geometry elements are realized
  • no mechanical post-processing included

3D optimized Prototype

Your benefit
The 3D optimized Prototype is suitable for applications where a possible series production is intended.  This prototype can be used for the basic evaluation of the series suitability of the part for series production.

Our service
In the first step, the part is optimized for 3D printing and then printed in two iterations, with the goal of producing an optimized part purely by additive manufacturing.


  • production-oriented optimization of the part design
  • evaluation for series production of an application possible


  • slight distortion of the component possible
  • no mechanical post-processing included
  • assembly capability and functionality not guaranteed


We currently offer prototypes with the following materials:

Add Ons

In addition to prototype production, we offer interesting additional services for customised individual quality control. These services include, among other things, a measurement protocol and the analysis of mechanical parameters.

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